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If you have a question, these FAQ might be useful, if not please contact us.

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Q 1: What payment options do you accept?
Q 2: How do I pay by Cheque, Postal Orders, or Credit/Debit Card?
Q 3: Do you store my credit card details online?
Q 4: How safe is it to order online via your store?
Q 5: What is Paypal, and how can I use it?

Q 6: How quickly can you get me my order?
Q 7: How much do you charge for postage?
Q 8: What do I do if my order hasn`t arrived?
Q 9: Do you supply any other PVA Bag sizes?
Q 10: Do you supply PVA Mesh in greater quantities?

Q 11:
How long do you define a "Years Supply" for your Wedges?
Q 12: Can you offer the "Years Supply" on the refill alone?
Q 13: Can you offer a "Years Supply" on anything else?

Q 14: If I am unhappy with my order, what is your refunds policy?

Q 15:
How does your Recommend A Friend (R.A.F.) scheme work?
Q 16: Do you store my email address?
Q 17: How many friends can I recommend via the scheme, is there a limit?
Q 18: My friend has already been recommended by someone else, what does this mean?
Q 19: When will I receive my FREE PVA?
Q 20: I don`t use Solid PVA Bags, can I have something else instead like PVA Mesh?
Q 21:
Do I have to register with your site before I buy anything?
Q 22: Do you provide any free samples of your products?

Q 23: What is your privacy policy regarding my details?

Q 24: I am interested in having a link in your links pages, what do I do?
Q 25: How do I get my photos into the Gallery?
Q 26: My question is not answered above, what do I do?

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