4THIRDS White Wedges with FREE* REFILLS

4THIRDS White Wedges with FREE* REFILLS
4THIRDS High Viz Wedges
These are the white version of our Wedges, and have total disolve properties and numerous uses including...

  • Can be used to cover your hook point protecting it when landing on gravel bars etc.
  • Great anti-tangle uses for pinning your hooklink along your tubing.
  • EXACT positioning of free bait over the hookbait.
  • Reassurance that your hookbait isnt tangled.
  • Enables slower decent of your hookbait onto light weed or silt.
  • If you buy this one tub we provide you FREE refills for ONE YEAR from date of purchase with only 2 small conditions:
    • *Only one refill will be sent per week.
    • *Refills will only be sent with your next order.
These wedges come in a white tub, with a clear lid.
This tub does not discolour like the clear ones can after a while.

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